My name is Dan Masters.

I got saved in 1995 after getting myself in a lot of trouble. Since that time I have been apart of a few different ministries in which I served at one capacity or another.

While that is cool and great and I could tell you story after story this blog is not about ministry.

This blog is about a person who used to minister but then got older and had a family and started asking the tough questions about serving God and life. It is about a person who did not turn his back on God but in essence turned his back on the church. It is about a person who loves God and wants to have a relationship with Him but still be there for his family and friends.

This blog is about walking with God in The Abundant Life.

So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and read about how I make my way back to God and attempt to live the live that He intended for me as a husband, father, and a son – His son.

Disclaimer – These are my personal thoughts and feelings on one of the most sensitive subjects of my life. You may not agree with me and that is OK, I probably do not agree with you on some things. I am willing to discuss the hard issues but at the end of the day we may still not agree. I ask though that you be thoughtful and respectful toward me and my family and agree to disagree.

Also, if you know me personally, and see a reference to someone or something that you may think is you or an organization that you belong to – you may be right. This is my life and you have been a part of it. I will make every attempt to mask any specifics that would allow people to identify you or your organization.

Finally, if you know me, you know me – that is to say you know that I have no personal problems with you. There may have been things that you or I could have done better or different but for whatever reason we didn’t. This does not matter as it is in the past. We are friends, brothers, sisters, Christians, humans, whatever. We are people and people are not perfect. Therefore do not take anything here personal because it is not intended that way – ever.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Dan! So glad I looked around your gluten free site and found this blog….love it! I’m in central Texas, gluten sensitive + soy and dairy too (but sometimes I have to eat ice cream or cheese), but really glad that you are open to writing about your walk with God. I’ve found your gluten free blog many times, just hadn’t investigated further. I was saved in ’85, from reading a devotional in Saudi Arabia….lol! Had a terrible car accident on 9/11/95, many broken bones etc, been gluten free since April 2010 and still learning what to eat. My husband and I work for the same school district, principal nd teacher. Enough about me…. thank you for being so open to write. God bless you!

    1. Thank you for reading my blogs. I haven’t written as much in the last few years but I am starting up again. Being gluten free is very similar to walking with God as you need to take it day-by-day. Just when you think you have everything figured out you discover things have changed or that there is far more out there then you every imagined.

      Thanks again for stopping by!