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Christian Perspective on the Financial Crisis

image description I feel that it is time that I chimed in on the current financial crisis that is gripping the world. I think that I am not alone in my concern about the future and while I have not been directly affected at this point sometimes not knowing is as bad as something actually happening. Hopefully my personal experience in dealing with this will help others that may be struggling during this time.

The Last Financial Crisis

Before tackling the current financial crisis let’s look at the one that just happened seven short years ago. Back in 2001 it was the golden age of the internet. Billion dollar valuations of companies grew on trees and we were all going to be millionaires by 25 and retire billionaires by 30. It was a time of extravagance and money flowed freely.

During this time I was a couple of year into my Christianity and was newly married. I had gotten it into my head that God wanted to bless me and thought that these blessing were flowing through credit. I had gone wild and bought anything and everything that they would let me buy on credit including a house. Three weeks after buying the house I was laid off from my job due to the economy. I hadn’t even made the first payment on the house.

For the next 2 years my wife and I struggled along as she worked full time and I tried to start/run a business in the technology field. After 2 years we were stripped of just about everything (including the house) and found ourselves renting from her dad once again. I struggled another couple of years with the business until we started having kids. A couple of events happened and I found myself hitting rock bottom.

The Turning Point

The turning point for me was when I got into a business financial dispute with a really good friend that cost me our friendship. I remember sitting in my car with my wife looking at her knowing that if I didn’t change things that I could very well lose her next. It was at that point that I decided to quit the business and go get a job and try to take care of my family the way that a real man of God should. Continue reading Christian Perspective on the Financial Crisis

It Can Be Tough Being A Transparent Christian

difficult While looking over a couple of posts here at The Abundant Life I noticed some spelling and grammar errors and started to correct them. In the process of cleaning up my inconsistencies I had to actually read some of the posts that I put up here and started to get a little embarrassed. The reason for my embarrassment was the fact that it has been tough being a Christian, going to church, and having a relationship with God over the last few years. Not only was it was it tough but I was sharing my struggles with the world. Looking back I wonder if that was a good idea as people (especially Christians – sorry) can be really judgmental.

To combat this concern I have to separate what I think people would say about me from what I know God says about me. Continue reading It Can Be Tough Being A Transparent Christian

My Yearly Update Here at the Abundant Life

space-passing-time My last post was almost a year ago to the day. The reason for lack of posting here is several different reasons. The biggest reason is that I have 15 different blogs that I write and I have scaled down my writing on all of them. Another reason is that I have not been "engaged" spiritually as much as I was before which prompted this blog. My family and I attend church pretty regularly but are not currently involved in any ministries but do go to a connect group. I guess the message here is that things have settled down here spiritually – thank God.

Personally I feel pretty comfortable with my relationship with God and do have daily contact with Him. Recently I started reading several times a week out of my Bible and have started to listen to messages from different churches via Podcasts while at work. I feel that I am where God wants me to be and the recent step up in reading and listening are just the next step in my journey with Him. Also I have setup a personal journal that only I have access to where I can express my feelings good or bad and allow me to have another avenue to interact with God.

All-in-all it has been a good year and I feel that I have grown in my relationship with God which where I think we all want to be.

Wow, I Haven’t Posted Here in a While…

2007calendar I was just looking over the page rank of all on my sites and pulled this one up to check it also. I saw that the last post was about the Media Ministry which told me that I haven’t posted here in a while. In fact it has been about 7 months to be more exact.

Well here is a nice list of updates of what I have been doing the last 7 months:

  1. I quit the Media Ministry. I went to one training session and knew it was not time to get involved.
  2. I quit school. Was not the time either. I was not spending as much time with my family as I wanted. Also it was very expensive verses the return. 
  3. Started making some good, steady, money from blogging which helped our cash flow.
  4. In addition to the blogging I got a steady side part-time job doing web design.
  5. In addition to that I have had more side web design projects then I have wanted (OK, I wanted them).
  6. Prayed for the last 5 months about buying a bigger house and finally put the deposit down this past weekend on it.
  7. Have been pretty steady in going to church during that time.
  8. Had a “Connection” with my pastor. No, I have not met him but he said a couple of things in a service that I felt spiritually connected me to him/the church.
  9. Joined a “Connection Group” from the church. Went to the first and only meeting so far. It was cool. Really nice people.
  10. Feel like I am closer to God then ever. I am led more by His peace then ever before in my life. I am comfortable with not moving (if at all) until He tells me it is time to move.

That’s it. 7 months wrapped up in a 10 point list.

The last 7 months have been good and I really feel that God has been working on my character during that time. The biggest area that He has been working on me has been managing my time between being a good Christian/husband/father/son/employee/business owner. It can be challenging, some days are better then others, but I am here and still kicking.

I am not making any promises on when the next post will be or frequency of posts. I am still alive though and throw something up here when the spirit moves me.

Until then…

The Jesus Camp Movie

I just watching part of the Jesus movie and had to turn it off.

The reason for that is that I could just not take what was being said and done in the movie any more. The things that were really getting to me was how extreme the people where in the movie.

See I come from that type of background in my Christianity. The first church that I went to when I got saved was not as “extreme” as this but they were religious. The only thing that I can say about them being religious was that it heavy. You just felt burdened down by all of these things that you could or could not do. I saw the same thing in that movie. Continue reading The Jesus Camp Movie

Overcoming Obstacles to Obtain Victory

I get a daily e-mail from Joel Osteen Ministries and sometimes I read them and sometimes I do not. Today’s caught my eye though as it was labeled “Overcoming Obstacles to Victory”. It referenced I Corinthians 16:9 which says – “A wide door has been open to me and with it are many adversaries”.

In my own life I have been experiencing a little bit of adversary lately at my job. It really is not an one person it is just the particular position that I am in and the responsibilities that come along with it.

Like most people I was hired to fill a need and/or fix a problem. Like most people I found out that the problem was a little bigger then I anticipated coming into the job. Because the scope of the work is quite large it has caused some frustration for me and for the people my position was designed to help.

Continue reading Overcoming Obstacles to Obtain Victory

Dealing with Death as a Christian

Death is something that as a Christian we are taught is a “good thing” because if you are saved then leaving this life means that you are with God in heaven for eternity. That is a whole lot better then going to hell but death can still be a scary thing.

As you may know the famous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died while filming by a stingray. It was a total fluke of an accident but it happened none the less. I was surprised to see the news on Monday morning like most people. What did shock me though was my reaction to his death – I was devastated.

Continue reading Dealing with Death as a Christian

Being Comfortable with Who You are in God

As I begin to go to church more and get comments on this site it causes me to have more self refection about who I am and what I believe.

Last night at church our Pastor talked about the reason that our church was there. It’s purpose was to influence people for the gospel, to be a shining light in the darkness. He talked about how he and his wife heard God tell them to come to our area and start a church and how that simple act of obedience has effected thousands. He said that the main reason why they stepped out in faith was that they had a burden for the people of our area. They had God’s heart.

Continue reading Being Comfortable with Who You are in God

Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

The wife and I made it to church last weekend and were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We had a renewal to go to church and were even beginning to consciously look for direction to God.

In last week’s service they announced the first of a few classes to become members of the church and eventually serve in a ministry within the church. Feeling good we signed up for class that was supposed to be this past Sunday.

Continue reading Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

Taking a Stand to do Things God’s Way

Sometimes you want something that is right and good and God wants to give it to you but you are so used to the way that things have always been that you do not realize what he is trying to do for you.

Ever since my first child was born, my wife after 6 weeks of maternity leave would go back to work. With our move from California to Texas during her pregnancy she did not have a job to go back to this time. Therefore she started the job hunt.

Continue reading Taking a Stand to do Things God’s Way