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The Next Chapter

Celebration-Church-TX-logoI don’t write specifically about the church that I go to on purpose as I have never want to be confused as a representative of the church in an official capacity. I am breaking from that tradition today after viewing this morning’s message concerning the future vision of Celebration Church. I will sum up how I feel in these few words:

I am so proud to be a part of Celebration Church.

I believe that Pastor Joe is a true man of God who is willing to put everything on the line for the will of God for his life, his family, and for the church. As fast and big as the church has grown in the last 13 years God is still wanting to do more through Pastor Joe and Celebration Church and they are open to God doing it. Through the vision that Pastor Joe shared this morning he demonstrates his faith and determination in God’s will for Celebration Church. I believe that God is just getting started with Celebration and am excited to see the vision manifest. Continue reading The Next Chapter

Growing in God by Getting Involved

growingOver 2 years ago I wrote a post on this blog on how I was stepping out and getting involved in church again. The ministry that I had volunteered for was the media ministry. I went to a meeting and even sat up in the media booth during a service to see how to operate their system for the projector.

I thought I was ready but it just wasn’t time.

The service that I sat in was the first and only service that I did anything in regard to the media ministry. I am not exactly sure why things did not work out, but I think there were still some areas in my life that God still needed to work on. It was kind of weird not being involved but I think you need to learn how to receive as a Christian and walk the walk before you can minster. So that is what I did. During that time my wife and I attended a couple of small groups so we still had fellowship and got to know people in the church. We are still involved with the small groups today.

Over the last six months due to some personal circumstances I saw the need to spend more time with God personally and began to do so. During that time I read the book Caught Between A Dream and A Job and am currently reading The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? In both of these books they talk about how God has a plan for your life and how you were created for a purpose. I believe both of these things and set out to see what it is that God has to do for me here on earth.

There are a couple of ways that I am seeking God in order to find out my purpose. Continue reading Growing in God by Getting Involved

Blast From the Past – Jason Lozano at Freedom Christian Center

I was setting up my iTunes podcasts with various ministries that I have been apart of and searched to see if Freedom International Christian Training Center with Pastor Jason Lozano had one. While I did not find Podcasts for his ministry I did find this cool video of his testimony that Kenneth Copeland Ministries did on him.

The thing that got me about this video is that I knew him when he first got started and actually helped him knock down a couple of the walls that he mentioned. The other part of the video that got me is that there is actually a picture of him and I together at around the 2:29 minute mark. It is really something to remember where he and I can from and to see where we are now. 

My congratulations go out to Jason, his wife and family, and his ministry for the blessing that God has on their lives.

P.S. Jason, if you read this setup some Podcasts of your messages so I can listen to them!

Wow, I Haven’t Posted Here in a While…

2007calendar I was just looking over the page rank of all on my sites and pulled this one up to check it also. I saw that the last post was about the Media Ministry which told me that I haven’t posted here in a while. In fact it has been about 7 months to be more exact.

Well here is a nice list of updates of what I have been doing the last 7 months:

  1. I quit the Media Ministry. I went to one training session and knew it was not time to get involved.
  2. I quit school. Was not the time either. I was not spending as much time with my family as I wanted. Also it was very expensive verses the return. 
  3. Started making some good, steady, money from blogging which helped our cash flow.
  4. In addition to the blogging I got a steady side part-time job doing web design.
  5. In addition to that I have had more side web design projects then I have wanted (OK, I wanted them).
  6. Prayed for the last 5 months about buying a bigger house and finally put the deposit down this past weekend on it.
  7. Have been pretty steady in going to church during that time.
  8. Had a “Connection” with my pastor. No, I have not met him but he said a couple of things in a service that I felt spiritually connected me to him/the church.
  9. Joined a “Connection Group” from the church. Went to the first and only meeting so far. It was cool. Really nice people.
  10. Feel like I am closer to God then ever. I am led more by His peace then ever before in my life. I am comfortable with not moving (if at all) until He tells me it is time to move.

That’s it. 7 months wrapped up in a 10 point list.

The last 7 months have been good and I really feel that God has been working on my character during that time. The biggest area that He has been working on me has been managing my time between being a good Christian/husband/father/son/employee/business owner. It can be challenging, some days are better then others, but I am here and still kicking.

I am not making any promises on when the next post will be or frequency of posts. I am still alive though and throw something up here when the spirit moves me.

Until then…

It Had Been a While Since We’ve Been to Church

Well we were finally able to make it to church this Sunday. It had been a few weeks since we had made it. I can try to come up with a list of excuses but there really is only one reason:

It is hard to get to church with 3 little ones.

Last weekend we were dressed and on our way and our daughter fell asleep during the 10 minute ride to church. It just so happens that church is right at the time of her first nap of the day. Continue reading It Had Been a While Since We’ve Been to Church

Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

The wife and I made it to church last weekend and were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We had a renewal to go to church and were even beginning to consciously look for direction to God.

In last week’s service they announced the first of a few classes to become members of the church and eventually serve in a ministry within the church. Feeling good we signed up for class that was supposed to be this past Sunday.

Continue reading Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

Church – 3 Services in 2 Weeks – Cool

Well I really haven’t posted since my – No Church in 3 Weeks – And Counting – post. Well I am happy to say that we have been to 3 services in the last 2 weeks and it feels good.

We went to 2 Wednesday services and 1 Sunday service. We missed one Sunday services because we were convinced that the kids were falling a sleep on the way to church so we did not go. They ended up staying up until well past when service would have been over. They are going no matter what next time.

Continue reading Church – 3 Services in 2 Weeks – Cool

No Church in 3 Weeks – And Counting

Well we were going good for 3 weeks, the kids were cool everything was fine. Then for the last 3 weeks we have not been.

The first week was because we had out-of-town guests. The second was because my wife’s parents were out of town (not sure why that was a factor). This past weekend was because I was kind of tired and had got busy going some other things.

They are really weak reasons excuses but that is why we have not been there. We are not planning on going this Sunday either – more guests. Instead we are planning on hitting the mid-week service. I have been told that the mid-week service is even better then the Sunday Service so I am looking forward to that.

I have to say that I feel the difference between going to church and not going to church. I am more tired, irritated, and less excited about life in general without going to church. I look forward to going back.

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The Next Step in Returning to Church – Christian Fellowship

My wife and I went to church again this weekend – this is 3 weeks in a row now 🙂 . This time we took my 6 week old son for the first time so It was my wife, my 2 sons, my daughter, and I – the family of 5.

My oldest son loves church. As soon as he pulls up he can not wait to get to class. My daughter on the other hand has not got used to it yet.

Last week when we dropped her off and she cried for most of the time. This week wasn’t that different so we took her in service with us. After about 10 minutes I decide to try and take her back to class. As soon as we got there she started crying again so I decided to go and check on my youngest son on the nursery.

Continue reading The Next Step in Returning to Church – Christian Fellowship