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Wow, I Haven’t Posted Here in a While…

2007calendar I was just looking over the page rank of all on my sites and pulled this one up to check it also. I saw that the last post was about the Media Ministry which told me that I haven’t posted here in a while. In fact it has been about 7 months to be more exact.

Well here is a nice list of updates of what I have been doing the last 7 months:

  1. I quit the Media Ministry. I went to one training session and knew it was not time to get involved.
  2. I quit school. Was not the time either. I was not spending as much time with my family as I wanted. Also it was very expensive verses the return. 
  3. Started making some good, steady, money from blogging which helped our cash flow.
  4. In addition to the blogging I got a steady side part-time job doing web design.
  5. In addition to that I have had more side web design projects then I have wanted (OK, I wanted them).
  6. Prayed for the last 5 months about buying a bigger house and finally put the deposit down this past weekend on it.
  7. Have been pretty steady in going to church during that time.
  8. Had a “Connection” with my pastor. No, I have not met him but he said a couple of things in a service that I felt spiritually connected me to him/the church.
  9. Joined a “Connection Group” from the church. Went to the first and only meeting so far. It was cool. Really nice people.
  10. Feel like I am closer to God then ever. I am led more by His peace then ever before in my life. I am comfortable with not moving (if at all) until He tells me it is time to move.

That’s it. 7 months wrapped up in a 10 point list.

The last 7 months have been good and I really feel that God has been working on my character during that time. The biggest area that He has been working on me has been managing my time between being a good Christian/husband/father/son/employee/business owner. It can be challenging, some days are better then others, but I am here and still kicking.

I am not making any promises on when the next post will be or frequency of posts. I am still alive though and throw something up here when the spirit moves me.

Until then…

Where Am I At With God?

I think that is a question that all of us ask ourselves sometimes.Scratching head

For me it was the other day. I was driving along and realized that I had not talked with God for a while. As soon as I started I began to feel some guilt creep in and then heard God tell me not to feel guilty. That is the thing, God is not the author of guilt we are. If anything the Holy Spirit will bring conviction but that is always before an offense, not after.

Anyway, we have not been to church in a few weeks. The reasons vary from the weather to the kids being sick to one of us being sick or tired. Life has a lot of things that we have to deal with on a regular basis and having 3 little kids does not make it any easier. This was the basis on the guilt that I was feeling.

Anyway, the thing is that I have actually been extremely happy lately which honestly is a pretty big deal for me (I feel like Nemo’s dad in Finding Nemo). Things have been going really well financially, at work, at school, and with our family. The thing is though that we have not been hanging out with God that much.

So where am I at with God? Continue reading Where Am I At With God?

Keeping Your Priorities Straight

I have to say that I am proud of myself. I have used to have a bad habit of always doing little things on the side for different people and such. Some of them were for money and some for charity.

Since I started school I really haven’t look for these types of opportunities and they have not been finding me either. I did get an email over the weekend though from a ministry that I did work for in the past. Several months ago before I even considered going to school I had told them that I would do some work for them and had the time to do it when I had agreed to it.

Well that free time is all used up now and so I was kind of torn on whether to help them or not. I weighed the decision in my heart for a couple of days but when today came I knew I could not do. The main reason for not doing it was not money, it was time. Time with my family. Continue reading Keeping Your Priorities Straight

Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord

As I have mentioned I have had some issues at work with interaction with some people. I understand their frustration as they rely on me to provide them tools to do their job. What I have had a difficult time understanding is why the get so upset when they have better tools now then before I came along.

This all came to a head a couple of weeks back when my boss and I got blamed for them not being able to do their job properly. My boss got pulled into a meeting with the CEO and a couple of VP’s to find out why we (I) was lagging (at least in their opinion). Continue reading Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord

Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

The wife and I made it to church last weekend and were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We had a renewal to go to church and were even beginning to consciously look for direction to God.

In last week’s service they announced the first of a few classes to become members of the church and eventually serve in a ministry within the church. Feeling good we signed up for class that was supposed to be this past Sunday.

Continue reading Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

Taking a Stand to do Things God’s Way

Sometimes you want something that is right and good and God wants to give it to you but you are so used to the way that things have always been that you do not realize what he is trying to do for you.

Ever since my first child was born, my wife after 6 weeks of maternity leave would go back to work. With our move from California to Texas during her pregnancy she did not have a job to go back to this time. Therefore she started the job hunt.

Continue reading Taking a Stand to do Things God’s Way

Church – 3 Services in 2 Weeks – Cool

Well I really haven’t posted since my – No Church in 3 Weeks – And Counting – post. Well I am happy to say that we have been to 3 services in the last 2 weeks and it feels good.

We went to 2 Wednesday services and 1 Sunday service. We missed one Sunday services because we were convinced that the kids were falling a sleep on the way to church so we did not go. They ended up staying up until well past when service would have been over. They are going no matter what next time.

Continue reading Church – 3 Services in 2 Weeks – Cool

What Would Jesus Do – With 3 Kids?

What would have Jesus have done if he had kids while in ministry?

Do you think that he would have been able to touch the world like he did in 3 1/2 years? I mean I know that he was fully God but he was also a man too.

I think that Jesus would have taken the necessary time off from ministry to make sure that His family was established and doing well and then I think that he would have slowly gotten back into it as the kids got older.

See these are the things that I think about from time-to-time about serving God and being a husband and a father. I have to remind myself that my kids are young and that they need my wife and I to do just about everything for them for the next few years.

The difficult part in this is that I feel that I am left alone to figure this stuff out by myself. Well I am glad that I have God there to show me the way 🙂 .

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