Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

The wife and I made it to church last weekend and were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We had a renewal to go to church and were even beginning to consciously look for direction to God.

In last week’s service they announced the first of a few classes to become members of the church and eventually serve in a ministry within the church. Feeling good we signed up for class that was supposed to be this past Sunday.

During the week I picked up a little side job to bring in some extra cash since the wife is staying home now. I was gearing up to take on more projects on the side also. On Friday I got an e-mail from a company that wanted so refreshing of their web site and a little marketing direction.

After a 1 hour + “free” consultation on that Saturday and 4 e-mails from the company on Sunday (I did not respond to them) I was feeling pretty worn out.

We could use the extra cash coming in to make things a little more comfortable financially and that job would have been a nice chunk of change. The thing of it was that the little bit I was taking on was wearing me out to the point that I did not want to got to the first class that we had signed up for at Church.

In talking with the wife we narrowed it down to the fact that we are really used to biting off more then we can chew and then rushing around. This is really not what God wants.

We decided that we are going to give it another couple of months before we consider the whole membership/ministry track at church. Also, I am not going to pick up extra projects on the side, not right now, maybe somewhere down the road.

The thing is that we have small children that need us to be around. If we spend the time now to be there and nurture them then we and then are not going to face as many issues when they are older. We chalked this whole thing up to a “growing up” lesson.

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2 thoughts on “Church on Sunday and a Little More Direction From God

  1. Hi Dan,

    I found your blog through the google blog search. I am writing this to you because the choice is here for me to write it.

    I am a Christian and a family man. Mostly, I am a human being. What I am not is special. All this being said; There are some interesting things I want to share with you about being human and about being a Christian.

    Dan, most of my life has been spent carrying a large load of personal pain. Even as a Christian, I came to a place of such intense pain that depression and suicide gripped me from time to time.

    About two years ago, I read a small book by a man who made a really radical promise. He said he could show me how to end the depression in 15 minutes flat. I thought he was nuts, but for $8 figured I had little to lose. What I could not see or know was how right he was.

    I am not writing this to you because I think you are depressed or suicidal. I am writing this to you for a reason deeper than that.

    God used this man (who is not even a Christian as far as I know) to show me how people work: how I work. My first pastor and spiritual mentor once said to me, “Larry, chew the meat and spit the bones.” That is precisely what I did with this small book I read.

    What I hope to impart to you is my experience in a hope you will find something useful in my experience for your own life.

    There are pitfalls to being a Christian. There are so many expectations; within and without. There are also many opportunities for failure and sin, pain and for suffering. The truth of the gospel is a difficult thing to really see, as it is clouded from our direct sight in the imaginations of the thoughts of men: including your own and certainly mine.

    However, there is a key and if you’re patient enough, willing and accepting enough to hear my experiences, perhaps you will find something of great value not only to yourself, but all those around you.

    I invite you to respond as you care to and are ok with and find acceptable.

    Peace in Christ,

  2. Larry,

    I thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.

    I had a Pastor that used to say take the good and leave the bad. Great advise.

    I am night quite sure where you were going with your statement concerning something deeper then suicide or depression as I do not see anything much worse then those two other then death.

    I assure you that I am neither as I have experienced both of those things in the past before I was a Christian. Therefore I am pretty sure that their is nothing deeper going on with me then that. I thank you for your concern though.

    I see that you left you web address and I will definitely be checking out your site for and Perls of wisdom that I may be able to glean.

    Thanks again.

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