Taking a Step and Getting Involved

The time has come for me to get involved in the church. It was not time before but now it is time.

How do I know? It just feels right.

It was not the right time before because I need to get school going but now that it is and I am used to it so it is time to take the next step.

I have to be honest – my wife inspired me – without her even knowing it. She is the one that involved first by starting to help out with the kids. Seeing her get involved and meeting people stirred up the interest in me.

I have already put my feet to the pavement and emailed and met with the director of the media ministry. As a result of that meeting I am meeting with the rest of the group tonight.

Another byproduct of the meeting was him asking me what I wanted to do in the media ministry. I told him that whatever they needed me to do was fine as that is the attitude that was always expected at my other church’s that I attended.

Here I feel that it is a little different so I need to decide – and I have – I am going to petition to be apart of the video production team that makes up our video presentations ahead of time for services. I have not had as much experience in that area as the rest so it is an area that I can grow. I am hoping that it will fit with my schedule.

I will post tomorrow to tell how tonight went.

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