When Your Faith is Shaken, Turn Your Eyes to God

In life it is hard to not be swayed by circumstances. Sometimes in life you are on top of the faith mountain one moment and find yourself at the bottom of it the next.

I recently found myself in this situation.

In my previous post a talked about visiting my friend in the hospital who had been diagnosed with cancer a month after I had been. He and I talked about faith and God’s ability to heal him. We also talked about how life and death were in the power of the tongue and how through that power we have the power to stay or leave this life.

He chose to leave.

It was barely a week after I wrote that last post. I can’t say that I blame him. I guess in that week from when I had seen him to when he passed away he had not eaten and was extremely weak. I believe that he got the point where being with God looked like a better alternative then being here on earth. I don’t hold it against him but my heart hurts for him and his family. In my opinion his life was cut short.

His passing shook my faith.It was a couple days later that I found myself at my Oncologist for a follow up appointment and the question of surgery came up again. Fear had crept in to both my wife’s and my hearts to where we considered but quickly dismissed it after prayer and seeking God.

My faith was shaken again.

About a week later I visited the GI doctor and found out that I have celiac disease. It is an autoimmune disorder that basically tells my body to attack my small intestines when I eat wheat products that contain gluten. I found out that this could have been a large contributor to the cancer I had.

More shaking.

The treatment for celiac disease is a gluten free diet. Literally from one day to the next 80% of the food that I was used to eating was now off limits. It was a huge change for me.

Yet more shaking.

So here I am 3 weeks after the celiac disease diagnoses and I feel that I have plateaued. I am getting used to the gluten free diet and things are good. Unfortunately I start to feel really dry in my throat and schedule an appointment with the GI doctor. He is not sure what is going on but thinks we should take a look. Therefore I have another EDG scheduled for next week.

Shaken to the core.

All the same questions start to swirl in my mind – is the cancer back? Is it something else? Is it nothing. What if this, what if that? I just become numb.

Fortunately God is there.

I spent time with Him yesterday and told him how I felt. I told him how I was scared. I asked Him if I made the wrong decision not to get surgery. I question him about what is going to happen to my business and my family.

He reminds me of His promise – He has healed me.

At first those words did not comfort me, I couldn’t hear that. As the day went on though it started to sink in – either God is who He says He is or He isn’t. Either I trust Him or I don’t. Again I am questioned about what I really believe. What do I believe? Do I really trust Him?

Yes, I trust God.

That realization brought so much hope to me. With that realization it does not matter what happens – good or bad – He is with me and He will help me. On top of that He did promise me healing and I receive that promise. I don’t need to play the “what if” game because He has that covered. He would not have brought me this far if He was going to let me perish. Life or death is my decision – He has given me that choice and I choose life.

In 1 Kings 18:25-40 we see the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. In that story he has great faith to have God consume his enemies which were the prophets of Baal. But as soon as that Jezebel hears of what Elijah did and tells him that she is going to kill him. Instead of remembering the great victory that God had just given him he cowards away in a cave.

His faith was shaken.

While in the cave the Lord came to Elijah and spoke to him in a gentle whisper. In that whisper He told Elijah that He had the provision in place to overcome his enemies. Elijah listened to God and followed His direction and had victory.

It is in those times that our faith is shaken that we need to stop and listen for the voice of the Lord. It is that voice that brings us peace as He reminds us of His promises. We just have to get still enough to listen.

My circumstances have not changed – I still have the EDG on Monday – but I have peace. I know I am not alone. I know that God is with me. His promise of healing is fresh in my heart and my expectation is that I will see it come to pass. That is all I need to know.

4 thoughts on “When Your Faith is Shaken, Turn Your Eyes to God

  1. Cancer, death, dying, illness are all horrible consequences of sin in the world. For a faithful child of God death is a doorway to an unbelievable eternal existence. Nevertheless, suffering is real and even affected Jesus.

    You speak of your friend choosing to go on. I wonder about Enoch being taken by God. Someone remarked that one day Enoch was walking with God and they were closer to heaven than to Enoch’s home so he just went on home with God. There is joy when one reaches his reward but so much sorrow behind.

    I look forward to place where there is no cancer, death, dying, hurting or suffering. Don’t you?

    Thanks for your very personal articles.

  2. I’m on the other end. My 26 year old friend just died from cancer, leaving her husband and two very young children. She and her husband were missionaries who had been a part of countless miracles of healing. They along with over 150 others were standing in faith, declaring the Word. Literally until her last breath. My faith is shaken to core. There are so many different teachings, so many Christianese statements for why He didn’t heal. There is no recorded account when Jesus laid His hands on the sick and they were not healed, heaven declared as healing, Jesus stating well its a mystery you can’t understand here on earth, He laid His hands on the sick and they were healed! He said agree in my name and I will do it!! Tell the mountain to move and it will move! So what do you do and what do you believe when it doesn’t. How do you pray without doubt for the next person. I don’t want my faith shaken but I am so confused and hurt and broken!

    1. Your question is as old as time – why was Jesus able to do everything that he said he could and with us it is hit and miss?

      The first thing to do is to look at what is the difference between Jesus and us.

      The biggest difference is that Jesus was perfect, he was free from sin. With us, we were born into sin, sin is in us, it is the world we live in. Yes, when we believe in Jesus we are freed from sin, but that doesn’t mean that we operate in that freedom 100% like Jesus did. Just because the door of the jail cell is open doesn’t mean that the person comes out of the cell or let alone the prison.

      As individuals we all have our hangups regardless of how long we have been following Jesus. It is not a matter of “God did not heal my friend”, it is more of a matter of “healing was made available” and somehow there was a disconnect between the healing and my friend. We are all trying to figure salvation, healing, deliverance, and the rest of the benefits of walking with God.

      There are people who die of curable diseases everyday only because there is a disconnect between them and the cure (3rd world country, no insurance, etc). We don’t blame the doctors because of there people who die needlessly. No, we blame the thing that stood in the way of these people and the cure.

      In the case of God and His ability to heal the thing that stands in the way is Satan. The bible says that Satan in the enemy of our souls. He wants to keep as many people out of heaven as possible. Your friend was saved so he couldn’t keep her out. But by doing everything he could to take her off this earth, she will not be able to tell others about the saving power of Jesus and therefore help people out of darkness into the light.

      Satan wants us to blame God when someone we love dies. It is not God’s fault. God is perfect, loving, and full of grace and mercy. We honor God and those that have passed away when we put the blame where it belongs (on Satan) and share the hope that we have in Jesus with others.

      I hope this helps to give some perspective on this situation.

      1. Disconnect or not, it is still very real and very sorrowful for those that are “His own.” So Satan wins a few battles but “we” win the war? Okay. I understand that. I have been saved for over 46 years. How about this as an answer? Do not know? It’s all about the Lord’s timetable not ours? Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Thomas and more all doubted God. This ultimately will result in the blame game if not resolved? So what are we to believe? Like Thomas, “my God, and my Lord.” I know who you are Lord, and that is all “we” need to know apparently. Our life is not our own for “we” have been brought with a price. Unfortunately, not all of “us” agree with God when he takes a beloved saint home and sometimes “we” pray for something, even with fasting, and it seems to fall on deaf ears. One might say the that your faith is weak –or this, that, or the other. But ultimately it is God’s decision to allow it, not yours. His answer is sometimes “no” or sometimes “not yet.” So like Asaph, “we” apparently lack understanding and so it comes down to “my God, and my Lord.” But really “we” just don’t know? So “we” must decide to be conflicted or just rest in Him. I believe that is what you concluded in your original article Dan. But you really cannot say that your choice was any different from your friends? Job was a righteous man, who lost his entire family, and I don’t think that it was his choice. I believe he would have chosen life (humanly speaking) for all of them- but that choice was not left for him to make. My Father, who loved the Lord dearly, wanted to see a few of his grandchildren get married- but that did not happen either. He was ready to meet the Lord nonetheless. My prayer was for him to stick around much longer. The answer was “No.” Perhaps my walk with the Lord is deficient. I do not know? And this disconnect still hurts, yet I will rest in Him, my God and Lord- and that is all I need to know.

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